February 2019 Issue of Renal And Urology News

February 2019 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News Jan-Feb 2019 Issue

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Nephrology Cover Articles

Chronic Kidney Disease Linked to Hepatitis B

In a study of nearly 300,000 South Koreans, individuals who tested positive for hepatitis B virus had an 11% higher risk of CKD.

New Predictor of In-Hospital Acute Kidney Injury Identified

Elevated calcium-phosphate product at hospital admission is associated with an increased risk of acute kidney injury.

Urology Cover Articles

Prostate Cancer Linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD is associated with a nearly 5-fold increased risk of prostate cancer, study finds.

Kidney Stones Up Kidney Cancer Risk

A history of kidney stones is associated with an increased risk of papillary renal cell carcinoma and upper tract urothelial carcinoma, according to a large ...

Early Post-RP Complications Directly Related to Age

The risk of virtually all early postoperative complications increases with increasing patient age at radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer.


Exome Sequencing Opens a New Chapter in CKD

Study results point to a future when whole exome sequencing will be the method of choice for identifying genetic causes of CKD.

News in Brief

Post-Cystectomy Short-Term Complications Not Hiked by NAC

Researchers found no significant difference in 30-day postoperative complications between patients who received neoadjuvant chemotherapy and those who did not.

Royal Jelly May Ease Adverse Effects of RCC Drug Therapy

In a small study, sunitinib recipients who took royal jelly, a substance produced by worker honeybees for queen bees, were less likely to experience fatigue ...

Hemodialysis Patients May Benefit by Staying on Loop Diuretics

Patients who remain on loop diuretics after starting hemodialysis (HD) experience lower rates of hospitalization and intradialytic hypotension during the first year on HD, a ...

Practice Management

The Threat From Within: Most Breaches Due to Employee Errors

A study found that more than half of information breaches at health care organizations were due to internal issues such as sending emails to the ...

When Patients Refuse Recommended Treatments

In general, ethical tension exists when a physician's obligation to promote a patient's best interests competes with the physician's obligation to respect the patient's autonomy.

General News

Radiation Ups Survival When PCa Metastatic Burden Is Low

The 3-year survival rate was 81% for patients who underwent EBRT plus standard care vs 73% for those who had standard care alone.

ADT May Be Less Beneficial for Gleason 9 to 10 Prostate Cancer

Men with Gleason score 9 to 10 prostate cancer derive no significant survival benefit from androgen deprivation therapy.

Chronic Kidney Disease Burden Increasing in the US

Study implicates growing prevalence of metabolic and dietary risk factors as important contributors to increases in CKD burden.

Kidney Failure Risk Greater in Patients With Crohn's Disease

In a large retrospective study, the risk of end-stage renal disease was 6-fold higher in patients with Crohn's disease compared with controls.

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for MIBC Ups Disease-Free Survival

Patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer had a 22% decreased risk of disease progression if they received neoadjuvant rather than adjuvant chemotherapy, a study found.

Chronic Kidney Disease Progression Risk Lower in Women

In a study of adults with mild-to-moderate chronic kidney disease, women had a significant 28% decreased risk of end-stage renal disease compared with men.

Dyskalemia Common in Heart Failure

Sex, high and low baseline potassium levels, and reduced renal function independently predict hyper- and hypokalemia in patients with heart failure.

Prostate Cancer Possibly Linked to Zinc Intake

In a Spanish study, the highest vs lowest tertile of dietary zinc intake was associated with a significant 66% increased relative risk of low-grade prostate ...

Exome Sequencing Zeroes in on Genetic Diagnoses in CKD

In a study of patients with chronic kidney disease, the technique for sequencing protein-coding genes yielded a genetic diagnosis in 9.3% of cases.

Spironolactone Helps HF Patients With CKD, But Ups Hyperkalemia Risk

Spironolactone improved cardiovascular outcomes in heart failure patients with chronic kidney disease, but increased their risk of hyperkalemia.

Molidustat Promising for Renal Anemia

The investigational drug appeared safe and effective in 3 phase 2b trials.

Gout Linked to Elevated Risk of Parkinson's Disease

Investigators report a significant 27% increased risk of Parkinson's disease among individuals aged 65 years and older but less than 75 years.

Statins Underused by Adults With Chronic Kidney Disease

Although a 2013 guideline recommended statin use to more than 65% of adults with CKD, only about 36% of adults with CKD were taking a ...

Renal and Urology News Articles

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