March 2017 Issue of Renal And Urology News

March 2017 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News Mar-Apr 2017 Issue

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Nephrology Cover Articles

Record Number of Transplants in 2016 Reported

From 2015 to 2016, the number of organ transplants rose from 30,969 to 33,595; the number of kidney transplants increased from 17,878 to 19,061.

ESRD Renal Recovery Uptick Reported

Use of bioimpedance spectroscopy to assess volume depletion could be a factor, researchers say.

Urology Cover Articles

Kidney Stones More Likely in Asthmatic Children

Cleveland Clinic study found a 4-fold greater prevalence of nephrolithiasis among children with asthma compared with the general pediatric population.

Post-Radical Cystectomy Survival Outcomes Predicted by Preop NLR

A neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio below 3.09 is associated with significantly longer overall and disease-specific survival.

Targeted Therapies for Advanced RCC Improve Real-World Survival

Overall survival among patients receiving first-line targeted therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma increased significantly from 2006 to 2012.

News in Brief

Nivolumab Approved for Refractory Urothelial Carcinoma

The drug is indicated for treating patients with locally advanced or metastatic disease that progresses despite platinum-containing chemotherapy.

Kidney Cancer Linked to Obesity

Study also finds associations between adiposity and 10 other cancers, particularly digestive and hormone-related malignancies.

Anemia Indication Sought for Phosphate Binder

Company asks FDA to approve ferric citrate for iron deficiency anemia in patients with non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease.

OAB Drug Mirabegron Shows Superior Patient Adherence

Treatment discontinuation rate is lower than that of traditional antimuscarinics, study finds.

Oral ED Drugs Found to Benefit Infertile Men

Oral PDE5 inhibitors improve sperm parameters and can treat erectile dysfunction in men.

AKI Predictors in PE Patients Identified

Chronic kidney disease and anemia are associated with an increased risk for acute kidney injury in patients with pulmonary embolism.


How 'Bundling' Changed Dialysis Care

Decreased use of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents and an uptick in peritoneal dialysis use are among the trends.

Editor's Letter

MRIs for Patients With Pacemakers

Data from MagnaSafe suggest that MRIs for patients with pacemakers/ICDs can be performed safely.

Practice Management

5 Ways to Make Your Medical Practice More Efficient

Cutting down on chitchat with patients is among the ways to improve workflow.

General News

Safe Alternative SHPT Surgical Approach for Elderly Patients Reported

Good results achieved with total parathyroidectomy without autotransplantation, according to researchers.

PCa Salvage Radiation Plus Anti-Androgen Therapy Improves Outcomes

Combined treatment for recurrent prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy results in decreased long-term all-cause and cancer-specific mortality.

Novel Calcimimetic Approved for Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

Etelcalcetide is the first new approved treatment for the condition in 12 years.

High-Volume Hospitals Recover More Transplantable Organs Per Donor

Hospitals that managed the most deceased donors were 1.5 times more likely to recover 4 or more transplantable organs than those that managed the least.

Prostate Cancer Risk Stratification Enhanced by Novel MRI Protocol

Researchers compared targeted prostate biopsy based on biparametric magnetic resonance imaging with standard 12-core systematic biopsy.

Metabolic Profiles May Distinguish RCC From Benign Masses

In a pilot study, metabolomic analyses of serum and urine showed a high level of predictive ability.

Elemental Calcium Intake High With Calcium-Based Binder Use

In a study, 25.8% and 37.8% of calcium acetate and calcium carbonate users, respectively, exceeded the maximum recommended daily intake.

Vitamin D Status Linked to Body Fat in Older Women

Adipose tissue may be more important than vitamin D intake, new study suggests.

Researchers Identify mCRPC Drug Sequence Offering the Best Survival

In a retrospective study, patients lived the longest if they received docetaxel followed by cabazitaxel and then abiraterone or enzalutamide.

Kidney Cancer Brain Metastases Not On the Rise

Researchers develop a model to predict which patients are more likely to harbor brain metastases at cancer diagnosis.

Sunitinib Dose Escalation May Benefit mRCC Patients

Added progression-free survival and prolonged overall survival possible, according to investigators.

Testosterone Replacement May Lower Cardiovascular Risks

In a large study, testosterone replacement therapy was associated with a 33% lower risk of cardiac and stroke events among hypogonadal men.

Anemia, Bone Density Improve With Testosterone Replacement

Older men on TRT versus placebo for 1 year had improved hemoglobin levels and volumetric bone mineral density and estimated bone strength.

Testosterone Therapy Does Not Improve Cognitive Function

Study of older hypogonadal men does not support use of TRT to improve memory, according to researchers.

Chronic Kidney Disease More Likely in PPI Users

Proton pump inhibitors need not first cause acute kidney injury for CKD risk to be elevated.

Emergent Lithotripsy Better for Some Ureteral Stones

Researchers suggest that early treatment of some ureteral stones is preferable.

Advanced CKD Patients May Benefit From Dietary Therapy

Few nephrologists currently prescribe nutritional regimens for their patients approaching the need for renal replacement therapy or who already require it.

Initial Low-Dose Cinacalcet Feasible for SHPT Patients

In a study, similar proportions of patients taking a low dose and standard dose of cinacalcet had a greater than 30% reduction in iPTH levels ...

Timing of Renal Replacement Therapy Initiation in AKI

Evidence to date provides no clear answer as to whether early or delayed RRT is the best approach.

Improving Nephrology Care With Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Benefits include rapid assessment of kidney size, cortical thickness, and volume status.

Sickle Cell Trait in Blacks Increases ESRD Risk

Carriers have a 2-fold higher risk of end-stage renal disease compared with non-carriers, study finds.

Intensive BP Control Does Not Prevent CKD Progression

Blood pressure targets below 130/80 and below 140/90 mm Hg are associated with similar renal outcomes among non-diabetics, meta-analysis shows.

No Adverse Outcomes Following Bundling

Action taken to mitigate risks associated with ESA use and changes in payment policy did not result in a relative increase in death or major ...

Renal and Urology News Articles

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