October 2016 Issue of Renal And Urology News

October 2016 Issue of Renal And Urology News

October 2016 Issue of Renal & Urology News

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Nephrology Cover Articles

Secondary Hyperparathyroidism Risk Higher With Furosemide Use

Study reveals 6-fold higher risk of SHPT in patients on furosemide vs hydrochlorothiazide.

Incremental Hemodialysis Does Not Compromise Survival

Mortality risk is similar whether starting treatment with 1 or 2 sessions per week or with the conventional 3 sessions per week.

Urology Cover Articles

Acute Kidney Injury Progression Predicted by Urinary Biomarkers

Study identifies 3 biomarkers that could detect increasing risk of worsening AKI in patients with acute cardiorenal syndrome.

Genetic Variant in Prostate Cancer Patients May Predict ADT Failure

Men with 1 or 2 copies of the HSD3B1 (1245C) allele are more likely to experience disease progression.

BCG Alone for Bladder CIS Offers Better Long-Term Outcomes

This approach is associated with a 26% decreased risk of disease recurrence at 15 years compared with alternating therapy with mitomycin C.


Progress to More Nuanced Medicine

Medicine is making progress to refine patient care.

News in Brief

SHPT Risk Factors Identified

Serum phosphorus and serum creatinine found to be independent predictors of secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Reduced Kidney Function Ups Likelihood of AFib

Over a median follow-up of 3.7 years, researchers observed 159 incident cases of atrial fibrillation.

Bacteremia in UTI Patients Tied to Abnormal CT Findings

In a study of 189 adult UTI patients who underwent CT scans, investigators identified bacteremia in 40.2%.

Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Raise Stone Risk

Vitamin D supplementation increased the risk of hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria but did not increase the risk of kidney stones.

Low Sodium Levels Up PD Patient Mortality

Patients in the lowest serum sodium group had a 49% increased risk of dying compared with those who had the highest serum sodium levels.

Post-ESWL Renal Hematoma Linked to High, Low BMI

High and low body mass index are can cause renal hematoma for patients undergoing extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.

Practice Management

When Information Breaches Lead to Lawsuits

Now providers can be sued for HIPAA violations related to breaches of protected health information.

General News

OAB Sacral Neuromodulation Causes Few Serious Adverse Events

Prospective study reveals a 1-year surgical intervention rate of 13%.

CKD Progression Delay Observed With Folic Acid Therapy

Enalapril plus folic acid treatment was associated with a 56% reduction in the odds of CKD progression compared with enalapril alone.

DASH Diet May Protect Against Kidney Disease

In a study, CKD was 16% less likely to develop in low adherers to a DASH dietary pattern.

Stone Management Using Ultrasonography Alone Falls Short

Compared with computed tomography, ultrasonography demonstrated low sensitivity and overestimated the stones 10 mm or less in size.

Post-Transplant Decrease in Kidney Graft Size Predicts Worse Outcomes

Study reveals a significantly higher risk of a 50% or greater decline in eGFR and end-stage graft failure.

ESRD Patients Visit Emergency Departments More Frequently

More than half of newly diagnosed ESRD patients visit the emergency department during their first year of treatment.

Prostate Cancer Death Rate Higher Among Blacks in Most Big Cities

Greatest racial disparity found in Los Angeles, the least in Minneapolis.

Even Mild CKD Raises Gastrointestinal Bleeding Risk

Higher albuminuria emerges as a significant predictor of hospitalization for GI bleeding.

High-Risk PCa Found in Black Men Initially on Active Surveillance

Even black men with relatively few comorbidities had increased risks of upgrading or upstaging compared with non-black patients.

Hemodialysis Patient Hyporesponsiveness to ESAs Ups Death Risk

A recent study resulted in a new definition of less-than-optimal response to erythropoiesis-stimulating agents.

Lesinurad Improves Uric Acid Lowering in Gout Sufferers

Using the drug together with allopurinol helps more patients achieve target uric acid levels of less than 6 mg/dL.

Peritoneal Dialysis Patient Death Risk Linked to Thyroid Dysfunction

Hypo- and hyperthyroidism predict an increased risk of all-cause mortality.

Cancer Screening Guidelines for Transplant Recipients Need Improvement

Guidelines for kidney recipients differ on frequency of cancer screenings.

PCa Treatment Can Relieve Pre-Existing LUTS

Patients' pre-existing urinary problems influenced their perceptions of symptom relief after prostate cancer treatment.

Kidney Transplant Patients Benefit From Bisphosphonates

Therapy was associated with a significant improvement in bone mineral density at the lumbar spine and femoral neck.

High BMI Predicts Improved RCC Patient Survival

Paradoxical association could be related to an altered fatty acid pathway.

Serum Phosphorus Linked With Left Ventricular Remodeling

For each 1 mmol/L increase in serum phosphorus, the odds of left ventricular hypertrophy more than doubled.

Nutritional Databases Underreport Phosphorus Content

The USDA Standard Nutrient Reference Database, for example, listed phosphorus amounts for just 5 of 46 beverages.

PAE Is a Promising BPH Treatment Alternative

The procedure may be particularly efficacious for men with very large prostates.

Extracorporeal Therapy for Poisoning

A workgroup has developed guidelines for the use of hemodialysis treatments for common toxicities

Defining Deliverables of PCa Fusion-Targeted Biopsy

Two new equations could better descriminate between clinical significant and indolent prostate cancer

Longer HD May Offer Survival Benefit

In a study, extended-hours versus conventional HD was associated with a 33% decreased mortality risk

Renal and Urology News Articles

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